SMM - Social media marketing


Promotion in social networks is not just another feature of marketers, but a working tool. Here you can not only work on your brand, but also sell products or services directly!


  • sales increase, customer return;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increasing loyalty;
  • announcement of events, new projects, promotions.

The promotion strategy is individual for each company. It is developed by SMM specialists based on many factors: target audience, product, price segment, etc.

At HOX we adhere to the “Grow with the customer” ideology. For us, it is most beneficial for the client to develop, so you do not have to pay for unnecessary services. You get a working strategy for promoting through social networks personally for your company.


I have an idea? We will implement!


Despite the general concept, each social network is a special Internet community with a specific audience and its own chips. To get the most out of it, you need to choose the right site.


Facebook users are adults, solvent people from 18 to 45 years old, many businessmen, IT specialists, representatives of leading companies. Therefore, training and consulting resources, large brands and companies doing business abroad are well promoted here. Promotion on Facebook gives a good increase in clients to business.


Instagram is the most photo-oriented network. Conversion from visual posts is higher than from text, the audience is more female. Everything that has been beautifully photographed is sold here: clothes, accessories, baby products, baked goods, textiles and even chilled fish. Therefore, when creating content and promoting on Instagram, you need to pay special attention to images.

By entrusting us with the promotion, you will receive a promotion strategy in the social networks that are optimal for you. We will strive for the highest number of applications at the lowest cost.


This type of advertising has become popular due to the possibility of direct communication between companies and consumers. Customers are more willing to leave feedback in communities than on the site because they receive support from other users and quick feedback.

The advantages of SMM promotion are associated with the very concept of social networks:

  • Wide coverage of diverse users, among which, undoubtedly, there is your target audience.
  • Advertising opportunities: targeted targeting and advertising broadcast.
  • Low cost and fast impact compared to other types of advertising with a wide audience reach.
  • Informal communication using simple tools.
    The ability to use a community on a social network instead of a website.
  • The effect of viral marketing, when the publication becomes popular through shares and likes.

Such promotion is effective for B2C products and services that people use on a daily basis: food, clothing, beauty, sports, educational materials. Users recommend what they like and fit, and others get a “I need it too” signal.

But in the B2B segment, promotion is more difficult. The audience becomes narrow and very expensive. But nothing is impossible.

It is important to immediately position your company correctly on the Internet, there will be no second chance to earn the trust of users. We work with different topics, so we know when which techniques work and which ones do not need to waste time.

Entrust the promotion to experienced professionals and use the techniques that are right for you. And in order not to doubt – get acquainted with our cases.


Lots of companies and individuals use social media to reach target audiences. But it is difficult for an inexperienced person to calculate the costs of SMM promotion. Sometimes executives don’t understand where the budget has been spent. Hence the feeling that SMM is simple and cheap.

The cost of SMM promotion directly depends on the reach of the audience and its quality. Reach tells how many users will see your ad, and the quality of your audience affects your bottom line. For example, for a fishing store, 2,000 male users over 30 are far more valuable than 20,000 housewives.

In addition to the audience, the following factors affect the price of SMM promotion:

  • relevant content (interesting, unique, thematic);
  • high-quality images;
  • attracting target audience to a page or group;
  • communication with the audience (responses to comments, study of needs);
  • contests and sweepstakes.

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