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Landing page, it can be standalone, but it can also be part of the site. Sometimes microsites from several pages are used to solve the problems of converting the target audience into customers. This tool is flexible in implementation, how exactly it will be made depends on the characteristics of your product or service, the device of the sales funnel, and the specific needs of your customers. It seems that creating a one-page website is the easiest task for a team of specialists. In fact, leading a person to a purchase decision or other targeted action on one or several pages is a delicate matter that requires experience, mastery of design psychology and usability. It is better to order a one-page site from professionals with a good reputation, not expecting that anyone will cope with such work.


I have an idea? We will implement!


Before starting work, we will study your business and help you understand what tasks are best for landing pages and how to solve them. Making a one-page website is just the beginning of your sales work. The list of possible targeted actions is quite large and is not limited to sales.

Landing pages can:

  • Inform about promotions and sales in offline stores;
  • Offer the calculation of the cost of order, delivery, installation, customization, and so on;
  • Offer to register for an offline event or webinar;
  • Allow to sign up for a free consultation, demonstration, tasting;
  • Receive contact information of potential customers, with which sellers will continue to work;
  • Collect email addresses for email marketing or phone numbers for sms mailings; bring clients in other ways.

We know how to make pages that solve any task. To achieve this and create a productive landing page, we think over the structure and forms of capture, write “catchy” texts with all the information necessary for making a decision and create a design that disposes to the company, inspires confidence in the proposal and at the same time does not interfere, does not distract and does not lead the visitor off the path to the target action.

Of course, a flow of customers from a landing page cannot be obtained without a flow of targeted traffic to it. Therefore, our one-page sites are ready for advertising and search engine promotion, and we ourselves are ready to launch advertising and SEO campaigns.


Depending on the tasks and features of the sales funnel, you can choose options for implementing a landing page that affect the cost:

CMS use or abandonment. A one-page site is a single page, it can work without a management system, and such development will be cheaper. But you will not be able to control it and change something on the page. The CMS itself can also be paid or free.
Template or custom design. If it is more effective for your campaigns to make a unique design, the cost will be higher. In any case, the design will be responsive, allowing the page to be adequately displayed on all devices used by the audience.
Additional work. If necessary, we will make photo and video materials, filming of goods. We will select a domain and hosting for free, only the registrar and the hoster will have to pay, respectively.
As a result, creating a landing page can cost from $ 299 to $ 599 and take from 3 days to 2 months.


Creating a large and multitasking website takes time and resources; many business tasks can be solved using a landing page or other tools that are less large-scale than a classic website. By creating a landing page, you can test new approaches to working with an audience, test new hypotheses, collect data from potential customers with problems that your products and services can solve.


Cooperation begins with contacting us, we discuss your wishes, goals and requests.

Before starting work, we conclude an agreement fixing all the agreed conditions and obligations. Including the cost, which will no longer be revised in the process.

We take an advance payment of 50%.

Requirements for a website or a turnkey landing page are formulated in the terms of reference for the developers. Development stages are reflected in the schedule.

The code of the web analytics systems is installed on the finished one-page site, the goals are set in the systems.


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