Domain name

leasing / renting

When starting a new business, you don’t have to buy a domain right away. Domain lease is the first step towards project promotion, the starting point of contact between the audience and the company.

Renting or buying: which is better?

Anyone can become the owner of their own premium domain through a domain name registrar. But the need for such a decision is questionable. The risk of low payback and loss of money remains. Renting is simpler and gives the owner and tenant a number of benefits.

The owner temporarily transfers the rights to use the domain to the tenant, retains the administration and accounting rights of the system. The tenant receives a cheap unique name, does not incur additional costs.

When is the best time to rent

Domain lease is convenient if:

  • The cost of the domain name you like is too high, there is no possibility of purchase.
  • A temporary project (business card site) is being implemented.
  • A startup is launched, the author is not sure about the profitability and tries to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • This is the best solution when launching a promotion, landing page on a profile or consonant domain.

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How to choose a name

Domain name is a tool to get more traffic. It is this that successfully converts visitors into customers. Awkward, long misspelled phrases look like spam, are not memorable and undermine trust. This is bad for the reputation and future of the project.

The best site names for business are on our website:

  • specific, thoughtful, adequate;
  • tenacious and short;
  • no mistakes;
  • informative – will reflect, highlight, convey the essence of the business;
  • attracting attention.

If we consider the choice from the marketing side, it is better to rent a name without long phrases – a maximum of 15 characters. It will increase the branding value and introduce the target audience to the name of the company. It is recommended to consider options for registration in the industry segment.

Name selection rules:

  • Memorable – capacious, meaningful name will add personality and lead the audience to the site. People will find it easily on the internet.
  • Clear – this is relevant in the heyday of voice search. Clear sounding often brings new partners and clients.
  • Without special characters, dashes, numbers – any complications spoil the project’s reputation.
  • Suitable zone. For media – press, for commerce, shop – store, for real estate business – site.

The title can indicate the benefits of visiting the site, designate the target audience. You can display blog topic, georeference, business name. Such a domain works well for the image, reputation, forms close ties with people and causes a high credit of trust.

Different categories of names are rented:

  • TV, cinema, music (movie, life, digital);
  • sports, health (coach, bike, clinic);
  • informational (direct, email, agency);
  • Russian (su, ru);
  • universal (center, cc, capital, cam);
  • finance (cash, accountants);
  • shops (auction, cheap, cab);
  • services (delivery, services) and others.
  • The choice depends on the concept of the project.
  • International domains (.com, org, net, info)

How to rent a domain name

A domain name lease segment of a business relationship does not require a written contract. But the transaction is carried out in compliance with all legal aspects.

The agreement of the parties is often recorded electronically. The registrar may propose an offer. It is enough for the lessee to make a few clicks confirming agreement with the terms of the contract. Written transactions are carried out in respect of expensive names and can be certified by a notary.

Legal aspects

The registration is controlled by special accredited services. A contract of a certain form is concluded by mutual agreement of the parties. After the payment has been made, the domain name has a new temporary owner. The tenant receives the right to use the domain.


How to pay and renew a domain

As part of the contractual relationship, the lessee pays for the service through non-cash payment services (terminals, electronic payment systems, bank cards). Upon expiration of the contract period, the domain goes into blocking mode. Active delegations expire. The tenant must keep track of the expiration date of the domains, pay for hosting on time, his lease must be extended for the next period according to the terms of the contract.


  • Competent selection for the project. The specialist takes into account the specifics of the business, the specifics of the niche.
  • Marketing. A professional broker will determine the brand development strategy, traffic growth zones.

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