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A corporate website is the "face" of a company on the Internet. We understand how many tasks such a site should perform, how many expectations there are. It is here that customers, employees, competitors, business partners, and maybe journalists will come for information about you. We will help you figure out what kind of corporate website your business needs. We carry out our services for creating a corporate website on a turnkey basis, the project manager is constantly in touch with you, the cost estimate does not grow during development, and the terms are clearly spelled out in the contract.

I have an idea? We will implement!


The creation of a complex corporate website for a small business at the start-up stage is usually not justified. Often, in this case, a business card site with basic information, contact details and a minimum of functional elements is sufficient. However, if you are going to communicate with different target audiences using the site and receive traffic from search engines for queries related to your company, a business card site will not be enough.

The corporate site contains not only information, but also services – from a feedback form and a cost calculator to a full-fledged internal portal for employee communication or interaction between branches. Such a site forms the visitor’s emotional perception of the company, expectations from it, an initial assessment of the level of the business, and influences the desire to contact the company for solving their problems. Therefore, the quality of development of a corporate website for business is very important here – everything should work flawlessly and from any device, navigation should be clear and simple, information should be accurate and complete.


We deal with this issue individually with each client. We will help you figure out what a corporate website should be for your company and what problems it can and should solve. These can be both purely image tasks and sales-related tasks – demonstration of the assortment, informing about prices, addresses of stores. The site may have various feedback options – a form for sending a letter, a section with reviews and thanks, a list of frequently asked questions with answers, an online consultant or a chat with support. A catalog of goods or services with detailed descriptions, options for pre-order, booking, request for a price calculation, consultation, callback is appropriate. All this is thought over and laid down at the stage of creating a website for your business.

It may be effective for you to post content related to your product on your website – shoe care instructions for a shoe store, recipe collections if the business is product-related, and so on.

The design issue when creating a website depends entirely on the style and image of the company. He can be low-key and business-like if he wants to create a solid impression and generate respect for the brand. It can be youthful and vibrant if you’re selling teen products. As with functionality, the benchmark here is clear, predictable, and quantifiable business value.


At the first stage, we hold a meeting to discuss your needs and wishes for developing a website for your business. Here our specialists are not passive listeners and collectors of requirements, but consultants for business development using Internet tools. Their task is not to sell the development of the site, but to understand what exactly the customer needs in order to increase profits, reduce costs, sell more and better interact with important contacts.

Based on the results of the discussions, a technical assignment for the development of the site will be drawn up, a design layout has been created, a calendar plan for the stages of cooperation in creating a website for your company will be agreed. The interaction process is transparent for the customer, his interests are protected by an agreement, which, among other things, spells out penalties for violating the approved terms of website development.

The finished site has a six-month warranty, which means free correction of errors and shortcomings, if any. Having created a turnkey corporate website for your company, we are ready to take on its promotion. We are interested in long-term cooperation, therefore, we carry out development with the highest quality, so that we do not complicate further work for ourselves.